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Intent To Lease Slip

Intent To Lease Slip

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In accordance with my Membership Agreement, I understand that I may not lease, sublease, or otherwise permit any other party to occupy my slip without the express prior written consent of the Club.

I have read and agree to the Rules & Regulations pertaining to the manner in which the Club will determine my share of the rental proceeds.

I understand the Club will retain an amount equal to any outstanding obligation I may have to the Club at the time my share of the proceeds is distributed.

I understand the Club will make every good faith effort to lease my slip, but that it makes no representations as to its ability to do so.

I understand it is my responsibility to obtain a signed and dated copy of this form confirming it has been received by the Club office and placed on file.

In the event the Club office is not aware that I have placed my slip in the leasing pool and my slip is not leased as a consequence, and I am unable to produce a signed and dated copy of this form upon request, I understand I will have no claim to or further recourse regarding said distribution.

In the event my slip is leased, I understand that neither the lessee nor I will have the right to a park in the Members Only reserved area. Otherwise, I understand that I am transferring to the lessee all of my membership privileges, excepting the right to attend and vote at meetings of the membership.

I further understand that I may not make use of the Club facilities during the leasing period, excepting as an occasional guest of a renter or a member who is occupying his or her slip.
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